4 First round draft fits the Atlanta Falcons can't ignore

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Nolan Smith
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3. Nolan Smith

If we are looking at Atlanta's roster and simply learning from what the team has done this off-season and looking at players that fit roster needs as well as the type of player Atlanta targets the pick is Nolan Smith. Smith would be a starter at edge for the Falcons playing a style that clearly Ryan Nielsen is targeting for the Atlanta defensive line.

Smith isn't the best pass rusher in this draft but his ability to chase the play, stop the run, and the raw skills as a pass rusher are all there. Drafting Smith 8th overall might be considered a bit of a reach for the Falcons but considering their unique spot in the draft if they aren't given the chance to trade down or a top target doesn't fall it wouldn't be at all surprising to see Atlanta draft Smith in that spot.

Smith was a huge part of a Georgia defense that fueled the Bulldogs to back-to-back championships ending his career in Georgia in a player/coach role due to an injury that shortened his season. If not for that injury it is easy to make the argument that Smith would be a much clearer early first-round selection.