4 First round draft fits the Atlanta Falcons can't ignore

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Ladd Mcconkey, Trikweze Bridges, Christian Gonzalez
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4. Christian Gonzalez

With the loss of Casey Hayward and Isaiah Oliver this off-season there is an easy argument to make that the Falcons should take Gonzalez 8th overall if the corner is still on the board. Despite adding Jeff Okudah and Mike Hughes the Falcons' secondary could use another addition to pair with A.J. Terrell and give Atlanta some reliability in case Okudah and Hughes both continue to struggle as they have early on in their careers.

Gonzalez likely isn't going to be Atlanta's pick it simply doesn't line up with the rumors or the off-season moves the team has made. However, it would be a far more productive decision in comparison to targeting a player like Bijan Robinson and far safer than drafting even Nolan Smith who is a clear fit.

Gonzalez isn't going to have any issues being productive at the next level and would give the Falcons a rookie contract at the position a season before they are forced to pay Terrell.