4 First-round picks the Atlanta Falcons must avoid in 2023 NFL Draft

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The Atlanta Falcons must avoid Texas RB Bijan Robinson

Bijan Robinson is an incredible running back who would do wonderous things in the Atlanta Falcons offense, I do not doubt that.

However, I am firmly in the camp that you shouldn't take running backs in the first round, much less in the top ten. First-round picks should be used on players that are on the field for most of the game, which is something Robinson can do, but how long would his body hold up in the NFL?

You have two choices for your skilled RBs on your roster, put them in a lead role that will destroy their bodies in a few years, or put them in a rotation to preserve their health for the long term. I am adamantly against drafting a player in the first round that will be routinely subbed out.

You can find great runners in the late rounds, just look at Tyler Allgeier who was a fifth-round pick and had a 1,000-yard season. Or look at most of the elite running backs in the league. He is an amazing player, nonetheless, there is no reason to use your top selection on him, unfortunately.

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