4 Former Atlanta Falcons players who failed with their new team in 2023

Denver Broncos v Atlanta Falcons
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1. Julio Jones

Yes, with the Atlanta Falcons at the end of his career, Julio Jones often was dealing with an injury and in and out of the lineup. However, that still doesn't explain the terrible fall that his career has taken since leaving the Atlanta Falcons. Jones went from the number one option when healthy to an afterthought on his next three teams.

The Titans quickly realized their mistake and moved off of Julio very quickly after the trade. This led the veteran to Tampa Bay hunting for a ring with Tom Brady. This played out with Jones again becoming a depth piece that made some memorable plays in garbage time against the Cowboys in Brady's final game.

Julio took a step back after this ending and joined the Eagles deep into the 2023 season. His numbers with Philly match what we saw the previous season with Tampa. It was again a complete mess and Jones is now again a free agent and should consider retirement or a farewell tour in Atlanta. Watching the end of Julio's career has been sad for a player that in his prime was one of the best the league has ever seen and he will remain an Atlanta legend.