4 Former Atlanta Falcons players who failed with their new team in 2023

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4. Russell Gage

Another year and another season lost to injuries and for former Atlanta receiver Russell Gage. Gage was a primary receiver for the Falcons and cashed in on his numbers going to Tampa Bay to be the third option behind Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. When Gage signed the Bucs were led by Tom Brady and looked to be Super Bowl contenders.

Things went awry in Tampa and the franchise opted to tear it down and bring in Baker Mayfield as the starter. Mayfield was a surprise for Tampa and led them to a late surge taking the NFC South crown. Gage yet again didn't play a role in this as the receiver dealt with injuries yet again.

Gage is struggling to stay on the field and through no fault of his own has been a complete bust for Tampa. If healthy Gage is a great third option behind Godwin and Evans but thus far has been unable to stay on the field.

For the Falcons this speaks to the receivers that Matt Ryan elevated and the lack of talent they have had at the position for much of the last half decade.