4 Former Atlanta Falcons who followed Arthur Smith to Pittsburgh

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
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Former Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith joined the Pittsburgh Steelers as the OC this offseason after being fired by Atlanta. Smith's time as an OC has been far different than his time as a head coach elevating Ryan Tannehill and a Titans' offense that has struggled since Arthur Smith left.

Smith's time in Atlanta makes it surprising that his former players would follow him to his next landing spot. This speaks to how he is perceived by his players vs. the reality of the results and how the coach handles the media. Thus far four former Atlanta Falcons have landed in Atlanta with the first being a big surprise.

Cordarrelle Patterson

Patterson was put into the "Joker" role ahead of the 2023 season which wound up being a simplistic way to label a depth piece. Patterson was rarely on the field for the Falcons and was clear about Atlanta having moved on and not playing the role he was expecting to play.

Patterson followed this up by signing with Pittsburgh knowing that Arthur Smith was still going to be calling plays. This is confusing for a player who remains a favorite among Atlanta fans and will long be appreciated for making rough seasons more enjoyable.

MyCole Pruitt

Moving off Pruitt was wise considering he was brought back only as a weapon for Desmond Ridder. Pruitt never found his stride in Atlanta but was given plenty of snaps for a player of his talent level. Working with Smith as the third or fourth tight end on this roster you can bet Arthur Smith is going to be scheming jet sweeps and designed plays for the former Falcon.

Scotty Miller

Watching film on Miller it becomes clear that it is the routes and Miller's role that failed not the player. Miller finds ways to get open and is often missed in what few chances he was given. Miller isn't a starting player but is a great rotational piece with the speed to create a big play.

If Russell Wilson finds a way to turn back the clock, Miller could become a surprise contributor. When Wilson has been at his best he spreads out the football and is always looking for the surprise big play. Miller is going to give you a chance to find at least one this season.

Van Jefferson

Whether it has been Van Jefferson, Mack Hollins, or Bryan Edwards, the attempts to find a second receiver under Arthur Smith have been sad. Jefferson is currently going to be competing for the third receiver role in Pittsburgh and will continue to play a key role in Smith's offense.