4 Games Atlanta Falcons fans will be paying attention to in schedule release

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages
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3. Denver Broncos

This one is circled based on the timing of Atlanta's trip to Denver. Ideally, the Falcons get the Minnesota and Denver trips out of the way in the first half of the schedule and are able to have an easy road schedule the rest of the way. While it is incredibly unlikely both games fall into the first half it is possible for a team that is not going to be used to the home field advantages that Denver has.

Aside from the home-field advantage you have the two obvious stories of the rookie quarterback and head coach. If there is one franchise that Falcons fans are pulling against outside of their own division it is the Denver Broncos. There is no love lost between Atlanta and Sean Payton and last season only added to that fact.

Payton's management of the quarterback position sets rookie Bo Nix up for tough expectations. This is a team that Atlanta should beat but with Sean Payton, Bo Nix, and a distinct home field advantage there are a lot of interesting stories to follow depending on where this game falls in the schedule.