4 Games Atlanta Falcons fans will be paying attention to in schedule release

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
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4. Pittsburgh Steelers

This home game is one that Atlanta cannot afford to lose when you consider the potential stories coming from it. First, you have the fact they would be losing to either Justin Fields or Russell Wilson far cheaper quarterbacks they easily could have added to sit ahead of Penix for at least one season. The reasons to avoid both were clear, however, Cousins losing a game to either starter would be endless ammo for Atlanta fans.

You also have the returns of Arthur Smith, MyCole Pruitt, Van Jefferson, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Scotty Miller. Smith putting his stamp on the offense has involved bringing in two failing quarterbacks and many former Atlanta Falcons.

This might sound familiar to Atlanta fans and underlines the importance of this game. You cannot go out and lose this game to your former head coach against inferior quarterbacks and weapons. The biggest concern for the Falcons is the advantage of the Steelers pass rush and defense.

When this game falls on the schedule isn't overly important but it is one that many will have circled based simply on Smith and the want to win against the former head coach.