4 Games the Atlanta Falcons can't afford to lose in the 2023 season

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offseason Workout
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offseason Workout / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages
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While we are yet to play an Atlanta Falcons preseason game it is easy to look at the schedule and circle games Atlanta must have. While matchups against the Jaguars in London or the Jets in New York are easy to consider as possible losses this is a team with a chance to beat anyone with an improved defense and a run game that will control the clock.

Atlanta has the luck of playing in the NFC South a division that lacks one clear playoff threat. The Bucs are rebuilding and the Saints obviously should be. While Carolina has a solid roster a new head coach and a rookie quarterback leave plenty of questions for the Panthers as well.

The Falcons' schedule is easy with the aforementioned trips to London and New York as the only obvious difficult portions of the schedule. Atlanta is perfectly set up for 2023 if they can do what they failed the past two years and win the easy ones.

Arthur Smith's team must prove that they can close out games and that starts early for a team that clearly has four games on the schedule they need to pencil in as wins in the 2023 season.