4 Games the Atlanta Falcons can't afford to lose in the 2023 season

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2. Week 10 Atlanta Falcons vs. Arizona Cardinals

Regardless of who is playing quarterback for the Cardinals at this point in the season, Atlanta can't lose this game heading into their bye week. Arizona should end the season with the first overall pick in the draft. They don't have a healthy quarterback, star receiver, running game, or a reliable defense. Add in the questions at head coach and it is hard to see this team favored at all during the season unless Murray returns and plays at a top-five level.

This is one of the few games that Atlanta should be favored in by more than a touchdown. This defense isn't built to stop a healthy Atlanta rushing attack and lacks an offense to keep the Falcons off the field.

If there is one game on the Atlanta schedule you had to bet on being a blowout win this is the game to choose for a team that already knows their season is over before the preseason ever kicks off. The Cardinals are simply playing for a top draft pick and deciding which pieces are the building blocks of the future.

With Hopkins now gone even if Murray does return it seems setting the quarterback up for failure to put him back in an offense with few weapons and questionable protection.