4 Georgia Bulldogs the Atlanta Falcons could target in the 2023 draft

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1. Jalen Carter

There are four players in this draft the Atlanta Falcons would clearly be crazy to pass on based on their talent and possible ceiling with Atlanta. Will Anderson, C.J. Stroud, Bryce Young, and Jalen Carter are the clear top four prospects in this draft and should be off the board before Atlanta's number is called. Carter's poor performance at the team's pro day added to speculation the defensive lineman could be falling in the draft.

Just as with the other three names if Carter falls Atlanta's way there should be no hesitation to take the top prospect. Ryan Nielsen is obviously building this defense around the line and there is no better addition at the edge or in the interior than adding Carter.

Atlanta passing on Carter would be an epic draft mistake they are unlikely to be in a position to make. Whether it is C.J. Stroud or Jalen Carter the speculation of either player falling outside the top seven simply doesn't make sense.

Even if the teams ahead of the Falcons are uninformed enough to make these mistakes there will be a team willing to pay a heavy price to be in a position to draft two players that should be franchise pieces.