4 Georgia Bulldogs the Atlanta Falcons could target in the 2023 draft

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Kenny Mcintosh
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3. Kenny McIntosh

While the aforementioned Robinson will remain a possibility for the Falcons the wiser move is attempting to do exactly what Fontenot and company did last year finding value at running back in the later rounds of the draft. McIntosh would make perfect sense and likely thrive in Arthur Smith's offense giving the team depth at the position and allowing Patterson to take more of a utility role.

McIntosh isn't great at picking up the blitz but as we watched with Patterson this past season this is obviously a skill that the coaching staff teaches well with Patterson's improvement in coverage obvious from 2021 to the 2022 season.

While pass protection and dropping his pads a bit lower are both clearly issues for Kenny they are coachable and things that can be improved upon. McIntosh is a great receiver out of the backfield and would give Ridder another great weapon that would give Smith's offense a bit of a wrinkle.

Allgeier is a solid pass catcher but clearly inferior to Patterson or McIntosh. Putting the three backs in the same offense would be a great fit with a variety of styles and skills brought to the table for a team that is going to be built off of the rushing attack.