4 Georgia Bulldogs the Atlanta Falcons could target in the 2023 draft

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Stetson Bennett IV, Darnell Washington
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4. Darnell Washington

Yes, the Falcons have two starting tight-ends already in Kyle Pitts and Jonnu Smith, however, if Washington is still on the board in round two will the Falcons be able to pass on the obvious fit? Washington brings a level of physicality and size we know that Arthur Smith targets in pass catchers and tight ends.

Adding Washington to this offense would give the Falcons the chance to transition Pitts to a receiver role. Pitts as a primary target and Smith and Washington doing the dirty work while creating mismatches in the passing attack would be fun even if it isn't a position of need.

The problem for the Falcons is in this spot depending on what they do in round one even if Washington falls the team likely needs to target a pass rusher or a receiver if there is a fit on the board.

Darnell is 6'7 but clearly needs development as a pass catcher with the majority of his value coming in his ability as a blocker and the attention he will demand in the passing game. Washington in Atlanta still makes a level of sense even after the trade for Smith. It is an unlikely move but one that is still a possibility for the Falcons.