4 Great free agents Atlanta Falcons could've signed but didn't

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The Atlanta Falcons are winning free agency early on this offseason landing Kirk Cousins and now having an offensive identity. This comes after bringing in Zac Robinson to install an offense that will be an upgrade after watching Arthur Smith's archaic routes and strategies.

Cousins will obviously be Atlanta's biggest move of the offseason with clear depth needs to be addressed in the bargain aisle of free agency and the draft. Despite signing Cousins, the Falcons were able to make another splashy move bringing in Darnell Mooney.

This shouldn't be the last big move Atlanta makes with the ability to open up plenty of cap space with obvious cuts or restructures. These will likely happen a bit deeper into free agency with Atlanta already making all of the urgent moves they needed to.

Terry Fontenot has done an impressive job managing the cap and leaving Atlanta with future room while still landing big-name free agents. This offseason has been a win for Atlanta, however, there are big-name players the Falcons have missed out on that would have been clear fits. While the reasons behind not signing them are clear these four players all would have been great for the Falcons.