4 Great free agents Atlanta Falcons could've signed but didn't

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans
Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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1. Calvin Ridley signs with the Titans 4-Years and $92-Million

Yes, the contract is obviously the reason that Calvin Ridley couldn't have worked in a potential return to Atlanta. Needing to pay both Drake London and Kyle Pitts in the near future you cannot commit that much to a receiver long-term.

Despite this, if the Falcons weren't going to get a 2nd round pick from the Jaguars a return would have made sense for both sides. Things ended badly for Ridley in Atlanta but the receiver seems to have his career back on track and could fill the role he played behind Julio Jones.

Calvin Ridley would have been a great fit with Zac Robinson and Kirk Cousins as well. He is exactly the type of route runner this offense needed and would give them a complete attack. With that said, this contract is a bit too rich for a thirty-year-old who has missed the time Ridley has. Good luck to the former Falcon and he deserves props for cashing in.

If the Falcons didn't already have two primary options in London and Pitts this would have been more of a consideration. But at this price point, an obvious reunion never was going to happen.