4 Great free agents Atlanta Falcons could've signed but didn't

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2. Danielle Hunter signs with Texans 2-Years $49-Million

Perhaps it is simply Atlanta's desperation at the position but despite the price, this would have been a win for the Falcons. The majority of Hunter's deal is guaranteed but the pass rusher more than earned it with his performance on a Vikings team often reliant on his ability to make plays on defense.

Hunter would have been the first elite edge rusher the Falcons have had since Vic Beasley Jr. had his outlier season. This is a position that has haunted the Falcons for much of the last decade and continues to be their biggest question mark moving forward.

From Houston's perspective, how can you not love this? The idea of watching Hunter and Will Anderson on the field together should have any football fan excited. This is a move that puts the Texans further in a stacked AFC picture and doesn't hurt their cap space long-term.

You have to admire the move and if you're an Atlanta fan be a bit jealous of a team that now has not one but two elite pass rushers. If there is one viable concern for the Falcons it is this position.