4 Great free agents Atlanta Falcons could've signed but didn't

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans
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3. Mason Rudolph signs with Titans on a 1-Year $2.8-Million dollar deal

Following up Hunter and Ridley with Mason Rudolph is admittedly a major drop-off. However, look at Mason's deal and consider the value of having his experience on the roster. You have a player who has dealt with a lot of issues in Pittsburgh and continued to find ways to stick on the roster.

When given a chance to start he made the most of it and breathed life into the offense. Mason Rudolph would have been a great backup option behind Kirk Cousins. It is hard to argue he isn't a clear upgrade over Taylor Heinicke after what we watched from the veteran last season.

While Heinicke does have more starting experience, Mason has played on a struggling offense and played at a higher level. If the Falcons aren't going to draft someone behind Cousins the next best thing is adding a boring player capable of starting.

While there are still players that fit this description on the market (Carson Wentz) Mason would have been a great fit for the Falcons and could have been put in the third quarterback role if the team were to draft a rookie quarterback.