4 head coaches the Atlanta Falcons must avoid hiring

Four names that the Atlanta Falcons should steer clear of when searching for a new head coach

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The Atlanta Falcons have a lot of work to do between now and August. Of course, they have to do the usual acts of signing free agents and drafting a class of players, but they will also have to find a franchise quarterback and a new head coach, two of the more difficult things to do in the sport.

We cannot endure another wasted three years and avoiding that starts with hiring the correct head coach. Many names are being thrown out as potential fits for the Falcons, but these four should not be considered.

1. Commanders OC Eric Bieniemy

Out of the four on this list, Bieniemy is the one I would be most okay with. But there are still some red flags when evaluating him as the next head coach.

Bieniemy was an offensive coordinator for Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs. While Bieniemy's first year away from the Chiefs saw the Chiefs' offense have their worst year in a while, Bieniemy's situation in Washington was not a good look for someone who wants to be a head coach.

First of all, he was the leader of an offense that had some great times and some really bad times that included the benching of their quarterback (sound familiar?). There was no consistency to his season in Washington D.C.

And if you didn't like how Arthur Smith didn't use his best players, well, is it a coincidence that Terry McLaurin didn't have his best year, or his most explosive year with Bieniemy as the coordinator?