4 head coaches the Atlanta Falcons must avoid hiring

Four names that the Atlanta Falcons should steer clear of when searching for a new head coach
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3. Buccaneers OC Dave Canales

Dave Canales has exceeded expectations as the new offensive coordinator of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Falcons watched him lead his team past them and to their third straight NFC South championship.

With that being said, there is just too much to be nervous about when looking at Canales' offense. First of all, it has not always been pretty for the Bucs offensively this season. They have gone through some significant dry spells on offense, the worst of which came in the final two weeks when they could only score 21 points combined in their two most important games


Second, is that while he has led a deadly passing attack with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, his offense has been anything but balanced. Even with some decent games on the ground closer to the end of the season, Canales' offense was 32nd in yards per carry (3.4) and rushing yards (1,509).

Considering the Falcons' investment in running the ball, Canales is about the last head coach they should want.