4 Highest scheduled Atlanta Falcons cap hits after Cousins signing

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1. Kirk Cousins scheduled $25-million dollar cap hit

There is no way around the fact that the Kirk Cousins contract is a monster. Yes, it is market value and can be escaped after two years but it is large upgrade over what Atlanta has been paying their quarterbacks and what it has counted for against the cap.

Despite the eye-popping numbers, Terry Fontenot did a nice job building the contract where Atlanta will have cap space after this season. With the young contracts on this roster, the Kirk Cousins contract isn't going to limit the Falcons after this season.

Atlanta has seen what life is like without a franchise quarterback and that makes this easier to move past. Yes, it would have been ideal for a rookie or Desmond Ridder to turn into a franchise option and for the Falcons to be able to have more cap space.

However, they have tried and that path and knew how tough it was going to be to attempt to trade up in this year's draft. Kirk Cousins is going to be an adult in the room that gets the ball to their star players. Kirk Cousins was the right choice for Atlanta and will result in a return to the playoffs.