4 Highest scheduled Atlanta Falcons cap hits after Cousins signing

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3. Grady Jarrett $20.3 Million dollar scheduled cap hit

This is an important season for Grady Jarrett after missing much of the 2023 season due to injury. His leadership and impact on this team cannot be understated. To understand what Grady Jarrett brings to the team you have to turn on the tape and simply watch him work through a full game.

Much of what Jarrett does isn't going to show up on the stat sheet. He is a beast in the middle of the defense demanding double teams and still finding a way to do the little things to make an impact. However, considering the coaching change and injuries last season Jarrett needs to stay healthy and show he can still consistently make that impact.

4. Chris Lindstrom $18 Million dollar scheduled cap hit

Chris Lindstrom's contract is more than fair and will prove to age well. The importance that Atlanta has put on the trenches shows up in their cap hits. It has resulted in the team having one of the best offensive lines in the league. Lindstrom is not only the best lineman but one of the best players on this team. The cap hit is well worth the value Lindstrom brings.