4 Key Atlanta Falcons that found a new landing spot this off-season

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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1. Matt Ryan is joining the CBS broadcast crew

Whether Ryan is completely stepping away from the game or simply taking some well-deserved time off is unknown. Matt was clear on the fact that this wasn't a retirement but simply stepping away from being a part of the league for a time. Whether that will even last an entire season depends on Ryan's willingness to return and how quickly injury hits a contending team.

For the time being, however, Ryan is joining CBS and will be a part of breaking down this year's slate of games. With conferences now playing on both FOX and CBS this opens up the door for Matt Ryan to call an Atlanta Falcons game this season. It would be a welcome change considering how often Atlanta fans have been forced to listen to former Saints players calling their games.

Having an inside perspective on the organization and Arthur Smith will be fascinating whether it comes from Ryan calling games or simply joining the desk and breaking down highlights. Ryan is clearly well suited for the job and perhaps could follow the path that Tony Romo set at CBS as a former quarterback turned star play caller.