4 Key Atlanta Falcons that found a new landing spot this off-season

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2. Marcus Mariota signed with the Eagles

Why the Eagles would opt to add Marcus Mariota as their primary backup is a bit confusing. For a team that has a great history of backups over the last few seasons perhaps adding an older veteran that could help Hurts and stabilize the offense would have been the wiser path.

Marcus clearly was added due to his ability to scramble and play within the same system that Hurts has thrived in. The problem that Philly is going to find if Marcus is forced into action is that many of the throws that Jalen makes while on the move aren't within Mariota's ability.

When you take away Jalen's ability to hurt you with the deep pass his ability as a runner is far less scary. Mariota is an interesting idea as a backup as a player that could run the same plays. The issue would be that the opposing defense simply needs to bring everyone up to the line and force Mariota to get rid of the ball quickly.

This is a part of Jalen's game that has grown while Mariota's has gone in the wrong direction. If you're Philly the only reason this makes sense is if you want to protect Jalen but continue to run the quarterback sneak play they had so much success with last season that was simply pushing the pile. Outside of that it was an odd decision to add Mariota to what is a very talented roster.