4 Key Atlanta Falcons that found a new landing spot this off-season

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4. Isaiah Oliver signs with 49ers

While it hurts to lose Oliver you cannot help but love this move for Isaiah if the corner is able to stay healthy. We have watched Oliver's up-and-down career with the corner showing flashes of potential but struggling to maintain consistency.

If there was ever a team that Oliver was going to be a perfect fit with and have a breakout season it is in San Francisco. This roster is stacked and has an argument as the deepest team not only in the NFC but in the league as a whole. The problem for the 49ers has long been the fact that they can easily get a win or two away from winning it all but quarterback turnovers or injuries always let this team down.

The answer this off-season to that problem was keeping both Brock Purdy and Trey Lance while adding Sam Darnold. It is an interesting strategy one that is going to set this team up for multiple starters yet again this season.

However, the concerns for the offense don't translate to the other side of the ball where the 49ers are elite. Isaiah needed a change of scenery and picked the perfect landing spot.