4 Lasting takeaways from Atlanta Falcons ugly win in New York

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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2. This was one of Desmond Ridder's best games of the season

Ignore the boxscore and acknowledge that yes the bar for Desmond Ridder is very very low. However, considering the weather and situation this was a great game for Ridder. Desmond didn't try to do too much or force plays that weren't there. He played a turnover-free game and made the plays that were there leaning on the running game.

This is who Desmond Ridder has to be down the stretch of the season for this team to lock up the division and a home playoff game. Unless something drastic happens Ridder isn't a quarterback capable of carrying this roster. What Atlanta needs their second-year starter to do is simply sit back and take what the defense gives him.

Ridder picked his spots against New York and made the aforementioned pass to Pruitt to seal the win. While that will be needed in much larger doses against more capable offensive opponents this is the player Atlanta fans must be content watching.

Desmond hasn't been the answer for this team outside of the Houston game for any long period. With this in mind, and the playoffs on the line this is the type of offensive approach Atlanta needs. This version of Desmond Ridder is enough to give the Falcons a chance to win out and lose a competitive playoff game.