4 Layup wins on Atlanta Falcons schedule and 3 expected losses

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Layup win: Week 6 at Carolina Panthers

This is the first week of the schedule that you should be able to lock in an Atlanta Falcons win. While games against the Steelers, Bucs, and Saints could all go Atlanta's way they are far from locks. The Panthers are objectively the worst run team in the sport right now.

Every other franchise can find a reason to be excited or believe in their future. For the Panthers, even if you find THE guy what is to stop your star from being traded? We watched Christian McCaffrey, D.J. Moore, and Brian Burns all get traded in the last two years.

Any other reasonable franchise is keeping at least two of these players as building blocks. What are you building towards if you part ways with all of your best players? Carolina is lost and considering Atlanta's history it is easy to feel sympathy for a frustrated fanbase.

The only way this team is anything close to capable is if Bryce Young becoming a different player. The year one version of Young simply isn't getting the job done even with improved protection and weapons. It seems this is going to be another lost season for Carolina and a game Atlanta can't afford to drop.