4 Layup wins on Atlanta Falcons schedule and 3 expected losses

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Layup win: Week 11 At Denver Broncos

Yes, there is the concern of playing in Denver but look at this team's roster. It is arguably the worst team in the AFC, one that has put the fate of the season in the hands of Bo Nix. Is there anyone outside of Denver who seriously believes Nix is a franchise quarterback?

Denver's only path to relevance is a great offense being carried by Nix and Sean Payton. Considering how ugly last season was with Russell Wilson under center it is hard to believe it can get any better. Going from Wilson to Nix is an inarguable downgrade.

Aside from the quarterback questions, how did you improve the rest of the roster? You are going to be looking up at the Chiefs dynasty and Harbaugh's Chargers. It is hard to believe that the Raiders won't be better as well playing with a more capable quarterback and a head coach the roster loves.

Denver and Carolina are the worst teams on Atlanta's schedule anything other than 3-0 for the Falcons is inexcusable. Lose to either team and it is hard to believe there are any legitimate playoff hopes. Denver fans are in for yet another long season.