4 Layup wins on Atlanta Falcons schedule and 3 expected losses

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Layup win- Week 14 vs. New York Giants

Atlanta's final five games of the season sets up what should be a hot finish. This includes a game at home against the Giants. It is hard to believe this is the same team that was a legitimate playoff team just two years ago.

Not only that but Daniel Jones won a game with a solid offense and scrappy defense. In the time since to say they have regressed is an understatement. You lost your best player to a division rival this offseason and are saddled with at least one more season of Daniel Jones as your starting quarterback.

New York very well could be vying for a top-three pick in next year's draft. This team just doesn't have the weapons of defensive pieces to compete. Philly and Dallas are far ahead of the Giants and Washington at least has exciting young pieces that could help them take a step forward.

Atlanta needs this game to help a hot finish and make up for the early part of their schedule. Losing to the Giants can't be an option for Cousins or Atlanta if their roster is to be taken seriously. Upsets happen but this time of year the importance of this one will have Atlanta completely locked in.