4 Layup wins on Atlanta Falcons schedule and 3 expected losses

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Layup win- Week 17 At Washington Commanders

Atlanta will be given a chance for a reunion with both of their previous two head coaches. Arthur Smith is the new Steelers' OC and will return in week one. Week 17 the Falcons will travel to Washington and reunite with Dan Quinn. The coach has been given a second chance in Washington and is stepping into a promising mess.

There are a lot of pieces to like in Washington, but if the Falcons are a division winner they won't drop this game.

Jayden Daniels is an exciting young player but it is fair to wonder if he can stay healthy with his style of play. Even if Daniels can stay healthy the entire season there are far better teams in the conference.

Washington is missing key positions defensively and doesn't have a complete group of weapons for their young quarterback. Atlanta should beat Washington heading into the final game of the season against Carolina. The second Panthers game could be included in this list but it may be a meaningless game to the final standings.