4 Layup wins on Atlanta Falcons schedule and 3 expected losses

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Expected loss- Week 2 At Philadelphia Eagles

It isn't off the table the Falcons are in the same conversation as the Eagles in the NFC. This all depends on which version of the team shows up this season. However, the timing of this game sets up a clear loss for Atlanta.

After the emotions of debuting at home, you have to travel to one of the most hostile stadiums in the league. Philly has a great defensive core and is set up well to rush the passer. If Kirk Cousins is healthy and ready to go Atlanta is likely to ease him into the lineup.

Week one that strategy is likely to work against Pittsburgh. Allowing Bijan Robinson and quick hitters to keep the offense on the field and taking a bit of pressure off Cousins in his return. Philly is going to be prepared and is far too cohesive of a team to drop this game.

Atlanta has a brutal start to the season it would be surprising if they exit week four with a winning record. Winning in Philly isn't impossible, but it is highly unlikely for a young Atlanta team still adjusting to a new head coach and quarterback.