4 Major draft needs after Atlanta Falcons free agency moves

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Looking at the Atlanta Falcons roster it is obvious that not only did Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith have a clear plan to make a playoff push but they executed it to perfection. As attention turns away from free agency to the draft Atlanta's list of roster needs is clear but not pressing.

If the season started today even without the impact of draft picks this is clearly an upgraded roster one with the potential to win double-digit games and put Atlanta back into the playoffs. However, that doesn't mean there aren't clear positions Atlanta needs to address in the draft.

The Falcons under Fontenot have done a fantastic job finding value in the later rounds and hit on both of their first-round picks with Drake London and Kyle Pitts clearly becoming star players.

Pitts had a down season playing with Marcus Mariota but is still an elite option and should rebound with an improved passing offense in the 2023 season. London managed to put together a great rookie season despite playing with Mariota and showing instant chemistry with Desmond Ridder in the quarterback's first four games of his career.

Atlanta has built a great roster that has very few positions left to address in a draft that will allow the team to simply take the best player available approach if they so choose. If not, however, here are the four positions Atlanta clearly should address.