4 Major draft needs after Atlanta Falcons free agency moves

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Bijan Robinson
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1. Running Back

There is obviously a lot of speculation that the Atlanta Falcons are the perfect landing spot for Bijan Robinson. While this fit doesn't hold up when looking closely it is a position Atlanta needs to add to just not in the top ten.

The Falcons found their starting running back after the first three rounds of the draft in Tyler Allgeier the previous season. Adding a third option to contribute behind Patterson and Allgeier after the third round or later is the right decision.

Atlanta needs an option they can rely on with Avery Williams still learning a new position and Huntley ending the 2022 season with a serious injury. Atlanta lacks depth at the position but that is all the team needs.

Arthur Smith's rushing attack thrived with Allgeier as the primary back and will continue to if the Falcons simply add depth and contributors, not another starter. With Williams and Patterson, the Falcons have two players who will serve in other roles as well increasing injury risk and increasing the importance of having another capable option.

In a draft that has plenty of options at running back, the Falcons could take a depth piece on day two or three of the draft and add an impact player to an offense that will continue to be built around the run.