4 Needle-moving actions the Atlanta Falcons have made this offseason

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4 Moves that have moved the needle for the 2023 Atlanta Falcons

We have seen the Atlanta Falcons do a bit of everything this offseason. They have re-signed their own, extended a big-name player, made a couple of trades, been extremely active in free agency, and brought in some talented rookies.

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Every general manager in the NFL is tasked with putting together a complete roster so most of the moves they make aren't going to excite many fans or completely change the outlook of a team.

However, the Falcons have made a number of moves that have excited fans and changed opinions on the team. Here are four moves the Falcons have made that have moved the needle:

1. Signing Jessie Bates moves the needle for the Atlanta Falcons

Prior to free agency, Jessie Bates was rumored to be one of the top targets for the Atlanta Falcons but no one was sure if the Falcons would actually meet his demands.

Fortunately, they did and it has completely changed the look of the secondary. Suddenly, the Falcons have an experienced leader on the backend and are able to put Richie Grant in a better situation.

Bates has a pedigree of being a ball-hawking safety who makes everyone around him better. His arrival could go a long way in fixing a bad defense.