4 NFC teams still ahead of Atlanta Falcons and 3 they have passed

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
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Teams Atlanta Passed this offseason

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay had a strong offseason managing to retain both Baker Mayfield and Mike Evans. However, what did the team do to get better? The rest of the NFC playoff picture (outside of Dallas) made at least one move you can point to as helping push them over the top.

Tampa is simply retaining the pieces that helped them win 9 games and managed one playoff upset. Looking at their schedule it is hard to believe this team is going to beat Atlanta now that the Falcons have a capable quarterback.

Last year with far inferior offensive talent the Falcons gave the Bucs all they could handle. With Kirk Cousins, Darnell Mooney, and Rondale Moore added this is going to be a very different offense. Tampa hasn't yet fully recovered from going all in with Tom Brady and will struggle to keep pace with the Falcons.

Tampa remains ahead of Atlanta if...

Mike Evans and Baker Mayfield have another offensive gear to find and put Atlanta in a division hole early. With Atlanta's brutal early slate, the Bucs are going to have a chance to build a bit of a division lead. Their ability to keep ahold of the division will be based on building a big early lead and Evans and Mayfield carrying the team and keeping a questionable defense off the field.