4 Off-season mistakes the Atlanta Falcons will benefit from in 2023

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Aaron Rodgers
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2. Jimmy G. and Aaron Rodgers leaving the NFC

While Rodger currently is still a Green Bay Packer it seems widely accepted that the off-season will end with Rodgers as the Jets quarterback. Joining a division with the Bills, Dolphins, and Patriots is an interesting choice considering the landscape of the AFC in comparison to the conference Rodgers has resided in the rest of his career.

Jimmy G. is far less talented and in a worse situation going from a loaded roster and a great head coach to sharing a division with Sean Payton, Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, and Russell Wilson. It would appear that this is a case where quarterback wins will be further exposed as a stat that often depends entirely on your situation.

While neither player is in Atlanta's division both players leaving the NFC takes away proven veteran starters in favor of question marks. Brock Purdy looked great in his short stint as a starter but is coming off of a serious injury and lacks the resume to believe he can maintain this start long-term.

The Packers can be crossed off the list of playoff contenders missing the playoffs last season after ending with a heartbreaking loss. Losing Aaron Rodgers and a myriad of other veteran pieces is more than enough to push the team toward the bottom of their division and another team clearly out of Atlanta's way in the NFC.