4 Offseason catastrophes Atlanta Falcons must avoid

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4. Relying on Jeff Okudah

This is a tough one, however, this is a league that is focused on the latest results. Okudah started the year out as one of the biggest surprises for the Falcons. He was a great corner opposite A.J. and clearly looked like a solution past just the 2023 season. Okudah suffered an injury, however, and wasn't close to the same player after the fact.

It is hard to judge what the corner will be going forward but the Falcons shouldn't risk paying him. You have a talented young player in Phillips and a solid depth option in Dee Alford. Go out either in free agency or the draft and bring in a bit of depth.

Okudah struggled with the Lions and struggled in the second half with the Falcons. As much as fans might want to believe it was simply the injury the great games from Okudah are the outliers in his NFL career. Atlanta can't afford to pay him what the market will demand while they are still debating whether or not to extend A.J. Terrell. Now isn't the time to spend big at corner.