4 Players the Atlanta Falcons could trade to land more draft capital

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4. Cordarrelle Patterson, RB, Atlanta Falcons

This is the sad one, obviously. 2023 is the last year of Cordarrelle Patterson's reasonable contract. If the Falcons don't intend to bring back Patterson next offseason, then they might elect to trade him while they can get something for him.

The running back position doesn't hold much value in the NFL but we all know that Cordarrelle's value lies deeper than just taking handoffs. He is an excellent receiver and the best kick returner in NFL history, if a team wants a spark on their offense and special teams, this would be a great player to inquire about.

I do not know if Arthur Smith would be willing to let him go but maybe the Falcons could squeeze a third-round pick, if they are lucky, for the all-time great. It would be interesting to see what his value is with him only having a year left on his contract.

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