4 players the Atlanta Falcons must stop to beat the Commanders in week 6

If the Atlanta Falcons are able to limit these four players for the Commanders then they will take home their fourth win of the year
Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders
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4 Commanders the Atlanta Falcons must stop in week four

The Atlanta Falcons are coming off a week five win that saw them limit many of the Houston Texans' best players. Guys like Nico Collins, Robert Woods, Dalton Schultz, Will Anderson, and others were not able to put up big numbers.

Stopping the best players usually results in a win and winning is the only thing we all want. So, why not negate the best players on the Commanders?

Here are the four players the Falcons need to focus on stopping on Sunday.

1. Brian Robinson Jr., RB

Brian Robinson Jr. likely isn't the first player you think of when you think of the Washington Commanders—that would probably be Terry McLaurin. However, the Falcons have A.J. Terrell to take McLaurin away, much like he did last season. Not to mention, Scary Terry isn't having his best season thus far.

One player the Falcons could not stop last year was running back Brian Robinson who rushed for over 100 yards and also tacked on 20 through the air. The Falcons really struggled to get him on the ground.

Luckily, this defense is so much better this year. Stopping the former Alabama running back shouldn't be too tall of a task this year.