4 players the Atlanta Falcons must stop to beat the Commanders in week 6

If the Atlanta Falcons are able to limit these four players for the Commanders then they will take home their fourth win of the year
Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders
Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages
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2. Montez Sweat, EDGE

The other worry you should have if you are the Atlanta Falcons is the Washington defensive line that is stacked with talent. While they have been inconsistent this year, they are still capable of taking over a game.

More specifically, Montez Sweat is capable of taking over a game. He should be the big worry for the Falcons offensive tackles. This season, Sweat has two games with zero sacks and three games with two sacks; hopefully, the Falcons make it an even three and three.

The big issue is that Sweat is extremely fast off the edge and Kaleb McGary struggles with speed. McGary might not even play due to a knee injury so Sweat might get to battle the backup tackle, Storm Norton.

No matter who plays, there will probably be a lot of pressure to Ridder's right side.