4 players the Atlanta Falcons must stop to beat the Commanders in week 6

If the Atlanta Falcons are able to limit these four players for the Commanders then they will take home their fourth win of the year
Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders
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4. Daron Payne, DT

The interior of the offensive line for the Atlanta Falcons needs to keep Daron Payne's feet on the ground and occupy their hands. Last year, they weren't able to in a critical situation and Payne was able to tip the ball and Kendall Fuller picked it off. If Payne hadn't tipped it, Cordarrelle Patterson would have probably scored and the Falcons would have won.

I know that was only one play, but this interior line for the Commanders is as good as the edge. Payne is capable of getting into the backfield at any time and he has a knack for bringing down ball carriers.

Jonathan Allen also deserves to be listed here because the same can be said about him. All five Falcons up-front will be tested in week six.


Watch for the Falcons to get the ball out quickly and run some screens to slow down the Commanders' defense.

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