4 Players that could follow Jim Harbaugh to the Atlanta Falcons

Who could follow Harbaugh to Atlanta? Either from his championship Michigan squad or veterans from long ago?
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2. Roman Wilson

Of all the potential fits of former Harbaugh players, this one is the most likely and is the best fit. Wilson is likely a day-two pick, a day the Falcons clearly should be focused on receivers. Outside of the quarterback position, the biggest issue with Atlanta's offense for the last two years has been a lack of receiver depth.

Yes, Mariota and Ridder clearly weren't the answers. However, even a great quarterback is going to struggle with the lack of receiver depth on Atlanta's roster. With their short-term deals all expiring at the position who is Atlanta's second option after Drake London? The depth chart is ugly and must be one of the first things fixed after the new head coach takes over.

Wilson has clearly developed well at Michigan and was one of the surprise contributors to the team. Roman would be an ideal fit for this team giving them some needed speed. Wilson is well within Atlanta's draft range and could easily work his way into a contributing role in year one under Harbaugh. The fit clearly works well for both sides and wouldn't be at all surprising if Jim were hired.