4 Players that could follow Jim Harbaugh to the Atlanta Falcons

Who could follow Harbaugh to Atlanta? Either from his championship Michigan squad or veterans from long ago?

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3. Colin Kaepernick

If there is any scenario left in which Colin makes an NFL return it is because of Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh has had Colin at Michigan to work out to attempt to promote an NFL comeback. Now so far removed from the league at age thirty-six it is fair to question if Colin has anything left in the tank? However, Atlanta Falcons fans should know better than anyone that Colin would have to be just a fraction of what he was to make it as the reserve quarterback.

This is a franchise that has watched Franks, Josh Rosen, Desmond Ridder, Logan Woodside, Taylor Heinicke, and Marcus Mariota take snaps under center over the last three years. If there is any way that Colin returns to the league it is under Harbaugh in a leadership role.

Bring in your franchise quarterback and a backup and allow Colin to come in as the designated third quarterback. With the new rule in place that saves a roster spot, Colin could be on the roster and given a chance to make a comeback without taking a spot away from anyone. Harbaugh bringing in his former quarterback in come capacity wherever he lands wouldn't be at all surprising. Whether to compete for a roster spot or in a consulting/coaching role look for Harbaugh to open the door for Colin to return.