4 Players the Atlanta Falcons can't afford to lose to injury in 2024

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4. A.J. Terrell

Can A.J. stay healthy for a full season at this stage of his career? A.J. Terrell is such a mystery of a player who can at times look like a top-five corner in today's game. Others Terrell is still an above-average starter but nothing close to the star he had been a week or a year before. The level of play is inconsistent but there is zero question he is the most important part of Atlanta's secondary.

Losing Terrell for any extended period is going to give you a lineup of Clark Phillips, Dee Alford, and Mike Hughes. It is hard to imagine any capable quarterback not finding ways to carve up this secondary.

Putting Terrell into the lineup changes the conversation with the hope that Phillips and one other player takes a leap and can give Terrell help at the position. It is easy to make the argument that after Kirk Cousins, Terrell is the most important player to stay healthy when you consider the secondary struggles from last season and the lack of depth that has been added. The Falcons need a strong season from a player who has had his fair share of injury woes over the past three seasons.