4 players the Atlanta Falcons could trade for with cleared cap space

The Atlanta Falcons cleared just over $7.1 million in cap space and could be preparing to trade for one of these four players
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3. Chandler Jones or Maxx Crosby, EDGE, Las Vegas Raiders

The relationship between the Las Vegas Raiders and veteran Chandler Jones has been weird recently. Originally he went on a tirade about the organization on Twitter and then weeks later said his account was hacked.

Even now, he has yet to suit up with the Raiders in 2023 for unknown reasons and was apparently hospitalized against his will. Things are just weird and it seems like the Raiders would ship him off.

The Falcons came so close to signing him in 2022, so trading for him would make a lot of sense. He would also bring a lot of experience to a defense that has added a lot of experience recently.

Maxx Crosby could be another possibility, albeit a much less likely possibility. He is a cornerstone for their defense but if they feel like they aren't going anywhere any time soon then they could send him packing for the right price.