4 players the Atlanta Falcons could trade for with cleared cap space

The Atlanta Falcons cleared just over $7.1 million in cap space and could be preparing to trade for one of these four players

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4. Russell Wilson, QB, Denver Broncos

Call me crazy but there is a possibility that the Atlanta Falcons could end up with Russell Wilson.

The Denver Broncos might be the biggest mess in NFL history. They traded a ton of assets over a year ago for Russell Wilson, who has been a total disappointment. And then they just traded a first-round pick for a coach who has arguably orchestrated one of the worst coaching jobs in NFL history.

There has also been a rumor that Wilson won't make 17 starts this season. If Payton is on the verge of benching his quarterback then he might be willing to dispose of him altogether, even if it results in a massive mess financially.

Arthur Smith, meanwhile, might want to bring in Wilson since he is an athletic quarterback who has been known for his deep accuracy. Smith is also the guy who helped turn Ryan Tannehill's career around, so he might be able to do the same with Wilson.


I am not saying this is a good idea because it really isn't, but I do think there is a slim chance this could happen. Although, it would take more moves by Terry Fontenot to get it done.

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