4 players the Atlanta Falcons miss in 2023

The four players who the Atlanta Falcons wish they still had this season
Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons
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4. Avery Williams, PR

When Avery Williams went down with a season-ending injury early in the offseason programs, I instantly knew it would be a big deal, and I was right.

The Atlanta Falcons were, by far, the best punt return team in the NFL last year and now they are one of the worst. Avery Williams is a big reason why that is the case, his injury has ruined the Falcons' field position battle each week and it is not being talked about enough.

The Falcons have yet to get a decent punt return from Mike Hughes or Scotty Miller. They are hesitant with the ball in their hand and it is killing the Falcons. Unfortunately, the Falcons don't have a fix to this unless they trade for someone.


Losing Avery Williams for the season has killed the Falcons—I will die on that hill.

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