4 players the Falcons must stop to beat the Saints in week 12

The Atlanta Falcons will be playing the New Orleans Saints in an extremely pivotal game on Sunday. Here are the four players the Falcons must stop if they want to win.
Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints
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2. Rashid Shaheed, WR

There are a few names you might point to before Rashid Shaheed when you look at the New Orleans Saints but the Atlanta Falcons should be most scared of Rashid Shaheed.

This is an explosive player who has developed into a player who gets more than one look deep down the field every game. He has made numerous big plays which is something the Atlanta Falcons' defense has struggled with recently.

They must keep their eye on Shaheed at all times or the Saints will get a quick-strike touchdown. Make this offense dink and dunk down the field, don't let them get the 50-yard touchdown.

You also have to worry about Shaheed as a returner. The Falcons cannot let another returner get a long return.