4 players who have caught the attention of the Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have had a number of players plead their case for making the final roster but here are four who have seriously stuck out amongst the rest.
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Four players who have stuck out for the Atlanta Falcons this offseason

It has been a lot of fun watching the Atlanta Falcons during their first two preseason games. They are looking like a team that will shock the NFL with their much-improved roster.

This year's preseason has felt different from years past thanks to so many players showing out. We can definitely say there have been a lot more standouts than disappointments—something that couldn't be said in past years.

With that, here are four players who have made their name known this offseason.

1. Logan Woodside, QB

Going into the preseason Desmond Ridder and Taylor Heinicke looked like the only two quarterbacks who would make the final roster but Logan Woodside has made things more complicated.

Woodside starter and finished the first preseason game and then relieved Ridder and Heinicke in the second game. Altogether, he has looked extremely poised and has been efficient—something you have to be in this Arthur Smith offense.

Keeping three quarterbacks around might be on the table now. It will be a difficult decision since you might be able to sneak him past the rest of the NFL and add him to the practice squad. Either way, the Falcons need to make sure Woodside stays in Atlanta.