4 players who have caught the attention of the Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have had a number of players plead their case for making the final roster but here are four who have seriously stuck out amongst the rest.
Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
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4. DeMarcco Hellams, S

The Atlanta Falcons got a steal with DeMarcco Hellams in the seventh round. No one was expecting to see him do the things he has done.

It isn't like Hellams has been a one-trick pony, he has been flying around the field, he has made plays on the ball, he has come down with two interceptions, and he has absolutely laid the wood on a few unfortunate opponents.

The Alabama product has come on strong at a position that is crowded with Jessie Bates, Richie Grant, Jaylinn Hawkins, and Micah Abernathy. Seventh-round picks are never guaranteed a roster spot but at this point, it looks like DeMarcco Hellams has locked down a spot on the final roster.

The only question, how many snaps could he see in his rookie year?