4 Problems the Falcons created by drafting Michael Penix Jr. 8th overall

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1. Atlanta drafted a bench player 8th overall with a myriad of roster needs and limited cap space

The Atlanta Falcons logic behind drafting Michael Penix Jr. makes a level of sense. You spent two years with Desmond Ridder and Marcus Mariota as your starting quarterbacks. You failed for a decade to find a young quarterback to sit and learn behind Matt Ryan.

These were clear mistakes and the reasoning behind taking a quarterback 8th overall. The logic might make sense but it doesn't make the decision any less wrong. You have limited cap space and needs all over the defense and could use another weapon for Kirk Cousins.

If Penix Jr. was going to slip into the second round it made sense. However, spending money on a position you already have two players locked into this season while being a roster with a myriad of needs isn't savvy management.

Perhaps in two years Penix Jr. steps in and proves all of these takes wrong. However, it is hard to consider waiting two years for a player you drafted 8th overall. You will waste at least two seasons of his rookie contract and fail to take advantage of the chance to add an impact player.